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Hammer of Thyrion 1.5.7 (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 27.01.2016, 04:14

> > -sndpci works on this PC, too (Intel HDA).
> Yeah, new sound lib is the biggest innovation for DOS in past year for me
> :)

Honestly, I'm surprised we even have a new release. Though Ozkan is an awesome developer, of course. But I heavily played the heck out of older 1.5.6, so it's pretty stable already.

> > fastest speed, perhaps it's best to stick to low res (320x200).
> Sure, but you know how 320x200 looks at 21" - much worse than on old 14"
> CRT in ancient days. I used 1600x1200 native but neither switch to 800x600
> or 640x480 made it smooth in such cases of visible taranl. objects. It must
> be some bug or heavy unoptimization in the engine...

I think native DOS using VESA is never going to match other solutions. Honestly, I think I got much higher framerates under DOSEMU than even Linux or Windows native!

But anyways, try something like "320x240" if you can. Maybe that's better than nothing?

> > Laggy menus have indeed "sometimes" occurred for me, but I just ignored
> it.
> > That isn't core gameplay, so it's not big deal (to me).
> Yes, but anoying when you you want to tune something in menu or just
> load/save. Quake2 DOS doesn't have such problem.

Just press F2 to save or F3 to load.

> > I don't often use the mouse, only keyboard. Also, not sure what
> "binging"
> > means. Perhaps you mean binding?
> Yes, I meant binding. I use mouse wheel for weapon prev/next change usually
> in other games.

I haven't tried, I prefer raw keyboard, personally.

> This is just list of bugs that I observed, I don't want to blame
> anybody...

No, of course not, but I'm not a developer for it, so what do I care? :-P ;-)

> BTW Eric told me that you told that new RactOS significantly improved NTVDM
> to make DN3D playable :) Nice, I'll try (if it will boot on my real
> machine)...

I haven't tried it, but they made a video a while back. 0.4.0rc2 has been uploaded, so the full release is probably soon-ish, if I had to blindly guess.

BTW, the biggest DN3D fan in the world is LGR, and he just uploaded a full review of the main game. Seriously, he's one of the best YouTubers, by far.


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