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Hammer of Thyrion 1.5.7 (Announce)

posted by Laaca(R) Homepage, Czech republic, 29.01.2016, 20:23

> But anyways, try something like "320x240" if you can. Maybe that's better
> than nothing?

Games like Hexen2 are designed for higer resolutions and in 300x200 or 320x240 look very ugly, much worse than f.e. Doom.

I played Hammer of Thyrion on my PII-300 machine in 640x480 which is perfect. In 800x600 is it still playable but slow, the feeling from the game is worse.

The "sand storm" effect in menu is annoying and certainly very badly optimized but fortunately it is only in menu.
Other slowdowns are caused in scenes with windows - break them to speed up the game and with water but it is stil acceptable.

But I am writting this post because I tried HoT 1.5.7 on my machine with Voodoo2 card. I have to repeat what I wrote about Quake2 on this card. It looks beautiful. There is no slowdown with windows glassesm water or in the menu.
The effect in menu does not more look like a sand storm - it is rather fog or smoke. Nothing special but at least it is not slow.



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