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Hammer of Thyrion 1.5.7 (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 30.01.2016, 02:05

> > But anyways, try something like "320x240" if you can. Maybe that's
> > better than nothing?
> Nonsense.
> Games like Hexen2 are designed for higer resolutions and in 300x200 or
> 320x240 look very ugly, much worse than f.e. Doom.

Designed for higher VESA modes, yes, but VESA isn't always well optimized.

Anyways, I disagree about "very ugly", it looks fine to me, I'm not picky. But you could definitely say that about Doom or Quake, just in general, compared to modern titles.

> I played Hammer of Thyrion on my PII-300 machine in 640x480 which is
> perfect. In 800x600 is it still playable but slow, the feeling from the
> game is worse.

(quoting what I told Ozkan via email a few years ago)

Rugxulo -- Nov. 28, 2011 -- Lenovo Core i5 3.2 Ghz 6 GB RAM (Intel
Ironlake? VESA 3 gfx)

Hexen2 1.5.1 / DJGPP natively atop FreeDOS kernel 2040 w/ XMSv3 (XMGR)
+ CWSDPMI r7, "timedemo demo1"

320x200: 12.8 seconds, 194.8 FPS
320x240: 15.2 seconds, 164.0 FPS
360x400: 28.3 seconds, 88.3 FPS
640x480 : 118.2 seconds, 21.1 FPS
800x600: 180.7 seconds, 13.8 FPS
1024x768: 289.7 seconds 8.6 FPS

P.S. Before I forget, let me run at least one or two timedemos under
DOSEMU (1.4.0) for comparison. Let's try 640x480 and 1024x768 (Lucid
Puppy Linux 5.28 / kernel / i686):

640x480: 7.7 seconds, 326.1 FPS
1024x768: 15.7 seconds, 159.5 FPS

Okay, lemme also try Linux native (1.5.1, 32-bit):

640x480: 12.2 seconds, 204.5 FPS
1024x768: 21.2 seconds, 117.8 FPS

(end quote)

See what I mean? DOSEMU wins! ;-) (BTW, originally I played exclusively under DOSEMU [because DOS, duh] due to sound support.)

> The "sand storm" effect in menu is annoying and certainly very badly
> optimized but fortunately it is only in menu.
> Other slowdowns are caused in scenes with windows - break them to speed up
> the game and with water but it is stil acceptable.

I never notice any slowdown, but I stick to low res. And I've comfortably played and beaten the game dozens of times. I also don't use any fancy monitors, so maybe I'm not seeing the detail you're seeing.

> But I am writting this post because I tried HoT 1.5.7 on my machine with
> Voodoo2 card. I have to repeat what I wrote about Quake2 on this card. It
> looks beautiful. There is no slowdown with windows glassesm water or in the
> menu.
> The effect in menu does not more look like a sand storm - it is rather fog
> or smoke. Nothing special but at least it is not slow.

I don't have any "fancy" video cards, just generic Intel integrated gfx. No slowdown, but like I said, higher resolution does make it worse, so caveat emptor.


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