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WordUp Graphics Toolkit Open Source (Miscellaneous)

posted by fissuras(R), 08.02.2016, 16:25

WGT - WordUp Graphics Toolkit by Egerter Software

A long time ago, in a galaxy not really far away, a developer decided to release the source code of all his graphics libraries. He then announced it to the world, with these very words.

He also posted a note on his company's site that can be viewed here.

September 14th, 1999.

That was the release day.

Files were available and ready to download, as can be seen in this archived page, if you don't believe my words.

But all things shall pass... as the company passed and the source code vanished away from the net, not to be heard, seen or compiled again, as not even the mighty Archiver got a hold on those files, and they were lost, as not even the author had a backup, or so it seems. Nor even Google was able to find any clue of those sources wherabouts.

Until the day came and I found those files in an old, unused hard drive.

To make it short, I am uploading those sources here to preserve them so that they do not get lost forever, under GPL as decided by Chris Egerter himself:

This archive contains the final registered version of WGT 5.1 for Watcom C and the complete source code. This product is no longer for sale and this archive may be distributed freely.

Please disregard any order forms and licenses contained within this archive. The GNU Library General Public License is the only license in affect now and it is contained in license.txt.

This source code and product is no longer supported, however in case you need to contact the author (Chris Egerter) you can reach me at, or visit my website at[/i]

That's all folks


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