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HX DOS Extender 2.17+ with modern sound card support (Announce)

posted by Zyzzle(R), 19.02.2016, 01:35

> Yes, in case of HXDOS emulator it's much more simple as win32 app use some
> API cals for sound that can be easily trapped instead of DOS native which
> tries to talk SB directly so need to setup some IO/DMA traps and decode
> what the program tries to do with SB DSP (need to hold some emulator
> states). I didn't say that's easy :)
> BTW I remember that a lot of demos used MIDAS sound library and some DJGPP
> Allegro. Eric Auer also mention some MIDPAK DPMI audio API that I never
> heared about. It may be easier to find entrypoints to this library
> functions i na DOS program and trap them instead DSP HW access...
> DOSbox is OK for many games but there are still some late '90 demos that
> run very poor in dosbox (~1FPS) even on i7 @4,5GHz...

This is great news, but the whole idea of having to run DOSBOX, a DOS emulator in native DOS, is stretching things... It makes everything slow, slow, slow. About a factor of 100x slower. Unless I'm missing something, the overhead is immense, and you need at least an I7 to play a simple game like Doom or Wolfenstein 3D at 30 fps framerate, and even then at 320x200 only?s Whereas on a modern system, those game would consume only ~2-3% of CPU / GPU.

The Quickview Pro and MPXPLAY sound support for modern cards is truly wonderful, and it is NATIVE DOS support, not an emulated DOS support.

Someone who has the skiils should try to write a MIDAS IDA and IDH sound driver as a wrapper for those many 100s of games and demos which reply on MIDAS. Same for Allegro.


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