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DR-DOS 7.0x (Users)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 02.03.2016, 01:23

> > Reading the Wikipedia entry about DR-DOS
> >
> (
> > noticed DR-DOS versions I were not aware. At that time, I tried 7.04 and
> > 7.05 kernels being quite buggy, but it seems new kernels come later:
> > - DR-DOS 7.0[45678]
> >
> > Any idea where to get them?
> AFAIK, the final version released by Caldera was v7.03

Caldera/Lineo/DR-DOS Inc. ... whatever you want to call the various offshoots.

7.03 is still sold ($79 USD) at .

> Those other versions you are thinking of are probably
> the Enhanced DR-DOS from Udo which are all based upon OpenDos v7.01
> (for which the SRC cde was released and Udo continued to enhance)
> Version 7.01.08 was the last one Udo made before he vanished from the web.

No, they apparently aren't based upon Udo's work at all.

They aren't even official versions, apparently, just random enhanced versions for OEMs and whoever else (Ontrack? Seagate?). At least according to Wikipedia (which I'm sure M. Paul was involved with).

For instance, my old-ish (2010?) Dell laptop has diagnostics based upon what they call "Dell Real Mode Kernel", but it's really a (barely) enhanced version of DR-DOS.


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