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DR-DOS 7.0x (Users)

posted by Guti(R) Homepage, 02.03.2016, 09:04
(edited by Rugxulo on 03.03.2016, 01:08)

Exactly, they were custom versions over the 7.03 official code base.
As oposite Enhanced DR-DOS were done over 7.01/7.02 source code:
- 7.04: August 19, 1999. FAT32 and LBA from Ontrack's Easy Recovery 5.
- 7.05: November 30, 1999. From Seagate Technology's SeaTools.
- 7.06: From Wightman. Combined the kernel files into a single binary executable.
- 7.07: From Paul introduced new bootstrap loaders and updated disk tools in order to combine support for CHS and LBA disk access.


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