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HX DOS Extender 2.17+ with modern sound card support (Announce)

posted by Khusraw(R) E-mail, Bucharest, Romania, 02.03.2016, 17:04
(edited by Khusraw on 02.03.2016, 17:27)

> Interesting. Thanks. I never heard it before, although I indeed tried to
> look for such things in the past. As stated in its documentation it is only
> a partial SB emulator and it won't work with any DOS extenders either.
> However, given the existence of such a sample SB emulator, I might be able
> to ask Ruslan if he is able to write a similar driver for modern sound
> cards...

Considering at least the different configuration required by various programs, such a SB emulation driver for modern sound cards is hardly feasible. The best approach would be the one you thought at, i.e. to run the program inside an emulator, but unfortunately for much too many cases DOSBox is too slow to be a real solution.


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