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DR-DOS 7.0x (Users)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 03.03.2016, 22:53

> I am a big fan of DR-DOS, mainly because of TASKMGR + EMM386 / MULTI.

Which is limited to 64 MB per task (maximum), which isn't a lot these days.

Are you really saying it's better (for you) than Win9x or eCS (OS/2) or DOSEMU or even VirtualBox?

> Currently I am running a mix of 7.03, and some updated files that come with
> 8.0 with latest EDR-DOS kernel.

I don't know why you hold out hope for a dead OS (specifically DR-DOS, since 7.03 was the last official major release way back in 1998/99 times).

> But EDR-DOS, is giving me some issues with FAT32, and switching to MS-DOS 8
> or 7.1 or Fredos 1.2/1.1 with QEMM386 is not as powerful to me.

FreeDOS with QEMM386 ... not sure if QEMM fully works there, but it was never truly designed to. Probably uses undocumented stuff (or rare bugs, who knows).

File a bug if you can prove it behaves differently. (At least two kernel devs did do some debugging for INTERLNK recently.)

> So, when I was aware of 7.06, and specially 7.07 kernel, with LBA and FAT32
> created by Mathias Paul, was very interested in trying it.

So ask Matthias Paul! :-P :-D

> But after some days looking, there is no way...

"Just use FreeDOS (under DOSEMU, if needed)!"

> Any idea of 7.07?

Nope, sorry. Proprietary software isn't always forthcoming about where to find it, so I have no idea.


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