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DR-DOS 7.0x (Users)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 06.03.2016, 01:52

> > So ask Matthias Paul! :-P :-D
> Thing is that his old website at the university is unavailable.
> How can I get in touch with him?

I honestly don't know. Maybe he doesn't follow DOS circles anymore. Maybe he's too busy. For sure he would find his way here (or FreeDOS mailing lists, again) if he really wanted. I do know that he's seemingly very active on Wikipedia, but that doesn't help you much, if at all. Probably not the best place to contact him, but who knows.

I really don't know what exactly you're looking for here.

There are other DOSes with FAT32 support, if (for some reason) EDR-DOS and FreeDOS don't do whatever it is that you want.

1). (inside Server Scripting Toolkit??)
2). ($55 USD, still cheaper than vanilla DR-DOS 7.03)


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