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direct longfilename on freedos (Users)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 12.03.2016, 04:45

> exist a trick for receive a list with a long filename of files using
> connamd dir instead dir/lfn in freedos.
> ...
> like command dir in DOS of win98..

You mean a way to use "dir" as a shortcut for "dir /lfn"? "SET DIRCMD=/lfn"

You mean why isn't it default, auto-detecting? Who knows, maybe bugs. FreeCOM 0.84 also supports DESCRIPT.ION (but, IIRC, not if LFN is enabled, so you have to override it via "/OU" or whatever).

> It's also possible enbedded LFN in kernel for avoid loading of external
> drivers?

VFAT is still patented until roughly 2017. I have no idea if that makes much of a difference to the few remaining kernel devs.

There is LFNAPI.C in the kernel sources, but it's not enabled by default (and doesn't even seem to compile for me). It's probably incomplete. A quick check on SVN shows most of the commits from 2001-2 by Bart O., but he's been too busy in recent years to do much. Although honestly, int 21h 71xxh isn't that extensive, so it couldn't be that hard to add (famous last words).

I think ROM-DOS 7 claims to have LFN support built-in, but I've never tried it. (Obviously Win95 worked but only in "GUI" mode. I haven't used 32-bit Windows since Vista; it still worked there, but overall NTVDM had regressed too much for my tastes, and 64-bit editions don't support it at all.) Not sure about DR-DOS and its (abandoned) driver. So, for now, we only seem to have a few (semi-buggy) third-party TSRs like DOSLFN.

Speaking of ODI's LDIR (etc.), apparently it hardcodes an OEM check for FAT32 only for MS-DOS 7, requiring a simple binary patch for FreeDOS, and then it works fine.


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