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DMA for Ethernet Controller (Announce)

posted by martin.joni(R), 19.04.2016, 21:23

First of all, thanks for the interest in this topic.
> I'm confused about exactly what you're doing.
> First of all, why are you using Win32 and not just a "regular" DOS DPMI
> server? If you're running underneath Windows, you shouldn't need to access
> the Ethernet controller hardware directly -- just let Windows handle the
> networking for you.

I use DPMI with Wuschl's DOS extender.

> Secondly, are you wanting to access something in the Ethernet hardware with
> DMA (like MMIO space), or are you wanting to allocate memory from DPMS that
> you can manipulate at will and also have the PCI bus read/write?

I need Busmastering DMA capable Memory. Which means Physically contiguos, above 16mb(Intel e3800 restriction), no paging.


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