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HX DOS Extender 2.17+ with modern sound card support (Announce)

posted by DOS386(R), 27.04.2016, 11:30
(edited by DOS386 on 27.04.2016, 11:46)

> Does latest HX-DOS (2.17?) supports running onto 80386 or 80486

RTFM or RTFS: AFAIK HX core itself (HDPMI32 + DKRNL32 + ...) is supposed to work on bare 80386, just some rarely used hacks need 80486, but extra/external stuff (M$WCRT.DLL GLUE32.DLL ...) might need much more.

> As many of you already know, HX DOS Extender
> no longer maintained by Japheth


> Ruslan Starodubov, the author of modern sound cards support for
> QuickView Pro 2.60 (DOS multimedia player), has decided to
> update HX 2.17 to support these modern sound cards such as
> AC97 and Intel HDA too. Yesterday (Feb 15, 2016) ** released HX 2.17+
> which currently features experimental support

This seems to be great news ...

> So please don't hesitate to test your HDA
> sound cards under HX 2.17+ now and report any issues encountered

> I'll test when I have time




+++ DPCI.DLL indeed does contain DOS sound code
+++ my ES1371 is somewhat recognized
- very little docs and no source code
- package is messy, some files are same as in original HX packages,
. some are different, some are new, and some are apparently 3rd
. party (AKA M$) files ... even 16-bit NE stuff ... maybe the package
. would need a clean-up
- there are 2 versions of DPCI.DLL ("39 KiO" and "35 KiO")
- DPCI.DLL seems to be debug version (writes to screen)
- with 39 KiO, it searches for "hxsndhlp.ini" at hardcoded location "C:\",
. if not available, sound plays but volume is maximal, if found,
. no sound can be heard
- with 35 KiO, "hxsndhlp.ini" is not searched anywhere,
. sound plays but volume is maximal

> Fortunately I do have the source code for HX 2.17+'s DPCI.DLL available.
> It consists of both assembly and C code. I have uploaded it here:

Link is dead :-(

> Now Ruslan added support for sound cards such as ES1371 and AC97

Works ... the "35 KiO" version ... but why hasn't it been included into the main package?

> There have also been modifed some other libraries included
> in the HXDOS-extender to be
> fully compatible with the new DPCI.DLL and games.
> (dsound.dll winmm.dll comdlg32.dll ole32.dll dkrnl32.dll
> duser32.dll dgdi32.dll it has been modified)
> {for sound support: winmm.dll & dsound.dll}

It would be cool to see a history file documenting the changes. Are there other improvements besides better sound support? Unfortunately during the last years of HX development (2010...2014) the released source code was always inconsistent and outdated compared with the binaries.

Thanks to Ruslan ... please release source code and document all your improvements. ;-)

This is a LOGITECH mouse driver, but some software expect here
the following string:*** This is Copyright 1983 Microsoft ***


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