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DOS under Android (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 22.05.2016, 05:25

> DOSBox apparently doesn't support DOS extenders like CWSDPMI, either, so
> apps run under it must be real mode only.

That's not true (at least not default x86/Win32 version), but who knows what bugs your port may have. Or maybe you're (accidentally?) using an old, buggy version of CWSDPMI? For instance, Quake 1 had CWSDPMI r1 (both from 1996), which is horribly obsolete. Latest stable is r7 (2010) from %DJGPP_MIRROR%/current/v2misc/ (e.g. here).

I don't know what to suggest for further testing, maybe the demo of Hexen 2 (13 MB download, includes CWSDPMI). Of course, that too is loosely Quake-based. :-D


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