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DOS under Android (Announce)

posted by Dennis(R), 22.05.2016, 08:58

> > DOSBox apparently doesn't support DOS extenders like CWSDPMI, either, so
> > apps run under it must be real mode only.
> That's not true (at least not default x86/Win32 version), but who knows
> what bugs your port may have.

It's a cross-compilation from x86 to ARM. It's like the old line about the dancing bear: "The miracle is not how well it dances, but that it dances at all."

> Or maybe you're (accidentally?) using an old,
> buggy version of CWSDPMI?

I think the one I copied across to my tablet came with a FreeDOS release of RHide.

> For instance, Quake 1 had CWSDPMI r1 (both from
> 1996), which is horribly obsolete. Latest stable is r7 (2010) from
> %DJGPP_MIRROR%/current/v2misc/ (e.g.
> here).

I'll try the version you linked to and see if I get different results. (I'll be pleased but startled if it works.)

> I don't know what to suggest for further testing, maybe the demo of Hexen 2
> (13 MB download, includes CWSDPMI). Of course, that too is loosely
> Quake-based. :-D

Not interested. As mentioned, I'm not a gamer, and don't play stuff like that on my current x86 desktop, let alone a tablet. I'm just seeing what character mode stuff will run on the tablet. If stuff using DPMI doesn't, and only real mode works, that's fine.

This is purely for fun, to see what runs. I haven't tried to use DOS as a production OS since Windows took over. Too much of what I do now requires stuff that can't be done under DOS.


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