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Hammer of Thyrion 1.5.7 (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 14.06.2016, 03:46

I debated whether to even mention this, but it's not provably worse, so I didn't email you privately.

I haven't played much on my Lenovo desktop lately (where -sndpci works), and on my Dell laptop I usually use other OSes (i.e. -sndpci won't work there).

But I did play the demo (Assassin) on my desktop recently, and it seemed strangely harder because the spiders were too fast and too aggressive, even at the very beginning of the game. Now, since I've beaten the game a billion times by now, always using hardest difficulty, that seemed odd.

In the end I tried playing on both laptop and desktop, but it may have ultimately just been my imagination. (BTW, I did notice the DOS demo claims to be 1.5.8 from May, which is not apparently released yet for the full version.)

You could probably ascribe it to the high difficulty or even the fact that the player has no armor and is incredibly weak (level one) at startup. Long story short: it's probably wise to skip trying to kill everything, just run away, until level up. That's a more sane strategy.

I doubt the spider A.I. (or internal timing) has changed much since 1.5.7, has it? So again, it's probably just my imagination.


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