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Smaller C compiler (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 16.06.2016, 19:26

> > > What I really (still!) need is a preprocessor.
> > You mention Plan9/LCC, but isn't LCC different? Plan9 has its own
> compiler.
> The compiler proper is different. But the LCC authors borrowed the
> preprocessor from Plan9

Ah, I had forgotten (since I've never used Plan9) that they were a bit different. So yeah, perhaps by default they didn't need (or want) a "full" preprocessor, hence the POSIX environment add-on.

> > Though LCC does allegedly use dmr's CPP (or so I thought). Yeah, LCC
> > license sucks.
> I wonder if the LCC guys would agree to explicitly license their version of
> the preprocessor as GPL as well (they don't have to, but it would be nice =
> less work for me or for someone else adapting the code again).

Like I said, Plan9 is dual-licensed these days, so maybe it already is okay. But maybe not. Hopefully so, but then again, if LCC itself still (!) isn't OSI or FSF friendly, then it's unlikely they'll ever care.

Besides, if dmr had copyright on his cpp (and not AT&T or whomever), then you might be out of luck (since he died and copyright is notoriously broken regarding re-licensing after-the-fact).

> > I would even suggest (T)ACK, but I don't see a separate CPP binary
> there.
> There was something I didn't like about ACK.

Well, if the cpp isn't a separate utility, it's probably useless for your needs. But that one guy did finally make a new pre-release a week or so ago. The big change now is using ordinary makefiles (instead of Prime Mover [Lua]), maybe that's what you meant??

AFAIK, cpp evolved from m4, m3, and Kernighan's "macro" (Software Tools??). Though somehow I doubt any of those would help you much either. It can't be THAT hard (famous last words)!


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