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Hammer of Thyrion 1.5.7 (Announce)

posted by sezeroz(R), 16.06.2016, 22:16

> > This is the august-1997 version of the demo, yes?
> 13741595 2016-05-20 17:32


> > It really _is_ harder.
> I mean, in the demo, two or three spiders can kill you,

It is by design. Try the retail game on the same setup
with the same player class and difficulty and you will see
the difference.

> There may be a few bugs. Video mode didn't change (actually, restore)
> properly, e.g. trying 320x240, unlike full game.

This I am interested in: What did you intend to do? What
did happen and what did not happen? It would be better to
send the details to my email, as I may miss reading here.

> Also, at one rare point it
> seemed to endlessly loop changing weapon. At another point it explicitly
> crashed (well, to game console), running into Skull Wizard, but I couldn't
> reproduce it (tried -devlog, never reappeared).

Bugs in hexenc game code (progs.dat), and I don't edit the
demo version's hexenc code.


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