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Smaller C compiler (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 18.06.2016, 18:26

> > Ah, I had forgotten (since I've never used Plan9) that they were a bit
> > different. So yeah, perhaps by default they didn't need (or want) a
> > "full" preprocessor, hence the POSIX environment add-on.
> I'm not sure what you're talking about.

"The standard Plan 9 C compilers do not use cpp; they contain their own simple but adequate preprocessor, so cpp is usually superfluous."

"The compilers include an integrated preprocessor that accepts the familiar #include, #define for macros both with and without arguments, #undef, #line, #ifdef, #ifndef, and #endif. It supports neither #if nor ##, although it does honor a few #pragmas. The #if directive was omitted because it greatly complicates the preprocessor, is never necessary, and is usually abused. Conditional compilation in general makes code hard to understand; the Plan 9 source uses it sparingly. Also, because the compilers remove dead code, regular if statements with constant conditions are more readable equivalents to many #ifs. To compile imported code ineluctably fouled by #if there is a separate command, /bin/cpp, that implements the complete ANSI C preprocessor specification."

> I don't think licenses can travel backwards and then forward again in time.
> The diff between LCC and Plan9 is not GPL'd.

How big a difference (and advantage) is it? Surely you can handle the original (worse code but better license).


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