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DELL Lattitude D600 (Users)

posted by Doug(R) E-mail, 21.07.2016, 21:51

More information, please.

Did it boot correctly at one time? If so, did you change anything between when it booted and now when it doesn't.

> reboots without any notice!

You mean without any messages at all? Please tell us what messages are displayed on the screen (or at least the final message before it reboots) so we can tell how far into the bootup process it gets. Does it make any diagnostic/error beeps?

> Any idea??

I'm not familiar with that particular model. But if a computer gets to a certain point and "auto-reboots", it might possibly be a hardware problem.

Is the CMOS backup battery ok (that is, not depleted)? They don't last forever, especially if the system has been left off for a long while.

Is the main battery dying (assuming it is properly charged)? They have a limited lifespan as well.

Is the voltage out of the AC adapter ok? Are you using the correct AC adapter (voltage and current rating)?

Will it boot from a bootup diskette? (Everyone should have an emergency diskette for situations like this. And other situations....)

- Doug B.


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