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Not MPXplay bug but USB vs. CTmouse problem (Announce)

posted by Mpxplay(R), 27.07.2016, 05:49

> > USB, SATA/PATA, soundchip: these are in the mainboard's south-bridge,
> and
> > BIOS can't access them parallel... :-|
> It's normal that on PCI bus devices cannot talk parallel to CPU but it has
> buffers to overcome it and continue to stram data from/to buffer even if
> not handled by CPU... It's seems to be some specific BIOS issue, I don't
> experienced such problem on my DOS machines. Maybe it could help to move
> soundcard to a different PCI slot (it not onboard) to change some IRQ
> routing...

I have such problem with onboard Realtek/HDA soundchip & SATA.
While BIOS/DOS reads the disk, the sound can stop for a while.

Mpxplay doesn't use IRQ for PCI cards, but uses the INT08 timer interrupt for soundchip polling, and BIOS - probably - also doesn't use IRQ for ATA/USB.
If BIOS waits for an ATA/USB data, then it can block Mpxplay's soundchip polling too, by switching off all interrupts during the r/w process.
The good question is that, if BIOS doesn't use IRQs, why does it disable interrupts while processing?
But this is just an idea...


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