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Not MPXplay bug but USB vs. CTmouse problem (Announce)

posted by RayeR(R) Homepage, CZ, 27.07.2016, 12:04
(edited by RayeR on 27.07.2016, 16:00)

> PCI cards, but uses the INT08 timer interrupt
> for soundchip polling, and BIOS - probably - also doesn't use IRQ for

I belived that it use DMA so the soundcard should have enough samples in DMA buffer to play for a while during disk access...

> If BIOS waits for an ATA/USB data, then it can block Mpxplay's soundchip

Maybe USB emulation BIOS routines are too slow that DMA buffer underrun? I cannot belive it could take such long time... (I have USB legacy support disabled and still use PS/2 mouse and KBD so no need for it).

DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access.


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