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WheelK : at last, use that mouse =wheel= in DOS ! (Announce)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 04.08.2016, 16:43
(edited by Ninho on 04.08.2016, 19:10)

Hi !

I have written a tiny mouse driver extension, allowing you to take fuller advantage of that mouse wheel under DOS, at last : all it does is convert wheel ticks into "up" & "down" arrows (simulated grey key presses stuffed into the BIOS keyboard buffer), allowing one to use the wheel in programmes which are not designed to use it, or to use a mouse altogether.

WheelK can be used standalone, or as a complement to other programmes or mouse driver extensions, such as Bret Johnson's MousKeys, that process mouse events but are unaware of the wheel. WheelK will therefore process the wheel events itself and politely pass all other mouse events (button actions, movements...) to the "mouse user procedure" that was in effect before its loading, if any.

WheelK can be disabled/reenabled at will before executing a programme, or even from within a programme (that allows a user to "shell out" to DOS). It can be unloaded from the memory altogether if necessary. See instructions.

WheelK version 1 (demo) is here for your testing pleasure : the homepage of WheelK

Instructions for use are to be found on the webpage, and also in the "readme" included in the downloadable .zip

Prerequisites : 80286+ AT/PS2 compatible, mouse with a wheel (obviously), PC/MSDOS 2+ or compatible, CTMouse 2+ mouse driver (that provides the wheel API.); optional : Mouskeys.

Note this is intended to work on real hardware running a compatible DOS ! Virtual machines, emulations, including the "DOS box" under Windows, etc, may or may not provide adequate support for a wheel mouse. For similar reasons, WheelK may or may not work with a USB-mouse instead of a regular PS2-mouse. Actually it is the mouse driver, CTMouse, that may - or may not - detect and process a wheel under such emulations, and only if it does, WheelK should work as well.

(Edit:) Just tried in the VMware "player" running FreeDOS, CTMouse /O v2.1 recognised the wheel and WheelK worked perfectly. Wow ! So K00L ! Yet I advise testing/using this on real "iron"...(Edit ends)

I'm ready and eager to examine all reactions and suggestions for possible changes and imrovements, while a definite goal is to keep this minimalistic : WheelK's active resident code is only 32 bytes (currently using 96 bytes because I didn't employ the ultimate loading scheme).

One smallish addition I might make if the feedback is positive would be to process mouse button clicks, absent Mouskeys, so as to provide (fixed) translations to "Enter" and "Rscape".

Source code not bundled ATM - interested developers are welcome to request it by email.

@Rr : would you be interested in hosting WheelK on this,, site ?

@Bret : I gave your forum priority for the annoucement, expecting a few reactions from users of Mouskeys. However seeing it has received some 6 views...and no reply in 4 days, I'm bringing the subj to Bttr now. Furthermore while WheelK makes a logical complement for Mouskeys - and has been devised with it in mind - I believe it can also be useful by itself...



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