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WheelK : at last, use that mouse =wheel= in DOS ! (Announce)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 05.08.2016, 18:46
(edited by Ninho on 05.08.2016, 19:19)

> And what happen if WheelK is loaded and you run a program like Arachne that
> handle wheel itself? Need to unload 1st?

Of course not. Only disable WheelK before running Arachne (also disable Bret's Mousekeys if using that too...). Reenable after exiting Arachne.
(Edit:) Explicitly disabling WheelK (resp. Mouskeys) definitely answers your concern, being probably overkill though - as when Arachne switches on its own "mouse callback" it would automagically zap WheelK's (respectively, Mouskeys') ones/
OTOH it /will/ be necessary to reactivate (Mousekeys and) WheelK (in that order) /after/ exiting Arachne, since the latter (most prbably) does not save the previous callback address : almost no program does (except WheelK !)
(Edit ends.)

The "readme" says it all - admittedly could be better written... Basicly though it's rather simple and nice, and it "just works"; the WheelK command line has three possible options :

- WHEELK E ; (Re)enabling the wheel. Also for initial loading.
The "E" is optional, WHEELK by itself is a simpler synonym...

- WHEELK D : Disabling the wheel, keeps WheelK in mem. Also continues to pass non-wheel mouse events to the previously installed mouse hook, if any (maybe MousKeys)

- WHEELK U : unloads, uninstalls, removes WheelK from the memory.



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