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WheelK : at last, use that mouse =wheel= in DOS ! (Announce)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 07.08.2016, 09:46
(edited by Ninho on 07.08.2016, 12:30)

> I use CTMouse 2.1b4 under MSDOS 6.22 and of course with /O (as it works in
> other programs).
> WheelK loaded successfully. I tried with links, volkov commander, DN and I
> use cmdedit for command history. But none of them responded to wheel
> movements as it would do if I press an arrow key.

OK, thanks ! this narrows the enigma. WheelK loaded and enabled but not reacting to wheel actions suggests a possible cause, in relation with the BIOS, we must rule out first of all. WheelK demo uses the AT-BIOS service : int16 AH=5, to stuff keycodes into the BIOS keyboard buffer. This demo ( a more pompous word prototype might describe it better ) assumes the service will be present once it's checked it is running on a 80286 or higher. Is your machine "unusual", maybe very old (a genuine IBM PCAT from 1984 ?), or very new (uEFI machines are known to have oftentimes flaky and incomplete BIOS emulation) ? Can you assert whether it has an (working) int 16/05 service ? Can you try WheelK on a different machine ?

In the event the absence of the BIOS int is the problem, I \\\could make\\\\ (EDIT) have made a WheelK special for you, which does the buffer stuffing "by hand" instead of using the AT-BIOS.

The file's URL is : ninho(DOT)users(DOT)micso(DOT)fr/wheelk/WHEELK_S(DOT)COM
(not made it a clickable link in order to avoid unnecessary dissemination).
File WHEELK_S size 882 bytes, resident size a bloated 144 bytes ;=)

Please try it on that reluctant machine of yours, let's see if that was your problem...



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