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WheelK : at last, use that mouse =wheel= in DOS ! (Announce)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 07.08.2016, 17:18

Hi !

> Just as an FYI, I've never used function 16.05 in my programs -- I've also
> stuffed the keyboard buffer "by hand", as you put it.

I'm not surprised, I would've bet this is how your programmes did it, at least where necessary - be it only because your targets include (pre)historic PC/XTs, while I have limited myself to 80286-AT compatibles. Please realise WheelK at this point is just a minimalist proof of concept awaiting for comments, suggestions, & I've been fully aware of missing tests, including the one(s) for the presence of "16/05". Actually I made the WheelK, in part, to motivate /you/, after you told me on your forum that you have lost the original source code for Mouskeys, unfortunately, and that other priorities prevented you from resuming the work on it !

It would of course be much cleaner to have the wheel processing integrated in a revised Mouskeys, all-in-one, especially considering the flakyness of Microsoft-defined "mouse user procedure" :=)

> That way it always
> works, whether the BIOS supports the function or not. But, it uses more
> memory that way. I can send you some sample code if you want.

Thanks, I don't need that sample - I wrote my own on the fly in approx 5 minutes, it is included in the special modified WheelK (advertised in my previous reply for Rayer to test.)

> You could also test function 16.05 to make sure it works as you're loading
> the TSR and display an appropriate error message.

Of course, I should've added this particular test and/or the alternate "manual" way... while I want to avoid bloat & feature-creep, there are several modifications and possible enhancements I have marked as TODO or TODO? :=)



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