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WheelK : at last, use that mouse =wheel= in DOS ! (Announce)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 09.08.2016, 00:51

> UPDATE: Sorry for the confusion but original wheelk works same as WHEELK_S
> but both was nuked by VC, DN and links. So there's any problem with BIOS

Thanks God !

> but it is good idea to check for the BIOS function if present on load :)

The demo does test that 1. CPU >= 80286, 2. the BIOS "model byte" was <= 0xFC.
While this is not precisely targeting the int 16 service, yet it should ensure the machine was AT/PS2/"industry standard" compatible... It should cover 99 % of the base, which is why I was worried with your earlier report. All's well that ends well...
Yes, I'll add some other check, while keeping in mind it has to work on widely different systems and BIOSes (and bugs too) in the field... Also any test must stay compatible with virtual mode memory managers ala EMM386.

> Would it be possible to make wheelk more permanent?

It's difficult, considering the way CTMouse, WheelK and the foreground programs interact. I guess a user has to learn how to cope with his programs by trial and error.

> My current MB is Gigabyte
> GA-P67-DS3-B3 with old-style Phoenix/Award PnP Dual BIOS 6.00PG - not UEFI
> yet. I found that some programs like to nuke the wheelk - links, VC, DN.
> Under VC and DN filemanagers I cannot make it working even when reload
> wheelk after start up of the program. It says "updated" but wheel don't
> work.

I have a few changes and things in my bag of tricks to try, that may fix certain cases.

However any program that short-circuits the BIOS buffer altogether and instead expects to get keys after keyboard interrupts will not work with the current 'stuffing' method employed by WK. Though I've "been there done that" more than once with the grey art of forcing scan codes thru, and interruptz from, the 8042-alike keyboard controller (aka Bret's "/K" method) I am very reluctant of bloating my tiny puppy with that kind of cuisine, besides being a can of worms, compatibility-wise : keyboard controllers in the real world vary wildly...

> In micromanager od cmdedit command line it works normally. Links nuke
> it at startup but when I run DOS shell, reenable wheel and go back to links
> then it stays working.

You have certainly played with WheelK more thoroughly than I !
Thank you very much for testing it, and reporting your findings !



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