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WheelK : at last, use that mouse =wheel= in DOS ! (Announce)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 10.08.2016, 18:45

>> Yeah, but... I'm not sure it is 100% correct, depending on the BIOS int
>> 16/05 which might "STI" before returning,

> Actually, testing to see that it does what it's supposed to do is the only
> legitimate test there is. If your program running in the foreground (while
> it is installing) doesn't see anything appear in the keyboard buffer then
> no other program will see it either. This is true no matter what's causing
> the problem (a broken BIOS or a TSR that's intercepting things or some
> other problem). And, if it doesn't work, you shouldn't try to install
> yourself.

If int 16 makes itself interruptible again after after it has finished stuffing the key but before IRETing, it might be, for instance, interrupted by
a legitimate IRQ from the KbC - which would cause us difficulties. And I am not even considering here the case with DOS multitaskers. Anyway, I'll decide make my mind when I come back to WheelK in a few days. These preinstal checks do not represent a big deal, the worst that can happen is for WheelK to stay resident but have no effect, so what ? Let the affected user say : oh! the darned thing not worka here! ... and if he chimes in and provides a meaningful report, we might look at it.

I prefer to spend some time deciding whether to provide more options than just E/D/U, but without confusing the user. And what the defaults should be, for instance when unloading WheelK, should we restore the MUP as we found it while loading (this is what WheelK is doing currently), or Zero it (like all other programs do). Which way will provide the better and more intuitive user experience ? Need to experiment.

After all I'm doing this for my own use, and I'm happy to polish it /slightly/ more in order to give something which some in the waning DOS community can find useful. I'm certainly not going to turn myself into a self-made slave chasing the impossible :=)

And thank you, Bret, for your observations .



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