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spreadshith compatible with XLS format (Users)

posted by marcov(R), 11.08.2016, 21:36

> someone know a DOS spreadsheth compatible (read/write whitout any
> additional stuff) with M$ .XLS win 98 format?

There are FPC/Lazarus components that can read/write XLS and XLSX in various versions and success, and it doesn't depend on external dependencies. There are both visual and non visual components.

The visual components (that embed a mini spreadsheet in your app) depend on Lazarus, and thus won't work on dos. The non visual might work out of the box with go32v2.

It is a memory hog though, so for large sheets you will need lots of memory. (which is why 16-bit dos support is probably hopeless)

The components is called fpspreadsheet, and is in the "contributed code" lazarus-ccr repository on

If you just need to get some data from/to XLS that could be a way. I use it to generate work schedules in a Linux service.


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