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spreadshith compatible with XLS format (Users)

posted by Doug(R) E-mail, 12.08.2016, 20:44
(edited by Doug on 13.08.2016, 06:52)

There is a 16-bit DOS program called XLS2CSV which aims to convert Excel spreadsheets into comma-separated value files. (It's brought to you by Victor Wagner, the programmer of CATDOC, which attempted to do similar for Word files.)

Binaries are included in the CATDOC v0.94.2 (2006-Feb-25) zip file, downloadable from the CATDOC page:

and it looks like sources (but no binaries) for a new v0.95 (2016-May-02) are available from the archive page:

Keep in mind that XLS2CSV only extracts data and leaves out any formatting and formulas. You just see data, not the way it was laid out. (But other SS programs are certain to read CSV format files.)

The package also includes CATPPT which extracts textual information from Powerpoint files.

These programs are distributed under GNU Public License.

Hope it helps....

- Doug B.


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