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UMBs etc. (Announce)

posted by tom(R) Homepage, Germany, 26.08.2016, 13:25

> First: I have been maintaining a DOS system as far back as
> 1985 and updating it regularly. This time when I upgraded
> and put MSDOS 8 in a partition on my I5 dual boot system I
> found this hardware too new for UMBPCI. To get my UMB's back
> I tried JEMM386 and JEMMEX.
> When loading or installing either in config.sys they either
> of them don't work instead just spraying the screen with
> random characters forever.
> JEMMEX loads ok from a COMMAND prompt but that is much too
> late to load drivers high.
> Does anyone know what I can do to get some UMBs back.

when running MSDOS, you are supposed to run MS EMM386.
I don't think (J)EMM386 was ever tested on MSDOS

> Second: For info I am a Windows Insider and have W10RS2 running
> very fine on my I3,\.
wow. I'm impressed. a real Insider.

> Third: I and two other people are trying to help the REACTOS
> people with a problem in their FREELOADER which bombs out on
> say 20% of the new users who try to boot REACTOS from DVD.
> (?#!) read. I am Cirrus One on their forum.
yes, very interesting indeed.
in all this exchange you never found the time to report what #define you are talking about.

> C1


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