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UMBs etc. (Announce)

posted by w3a537(R) E-mail, Colorado Springs CO USA, 26.08.2016, 20:05

It is a #defined constant in this module that determines the
size of certain arrays used in what I think are BIOS calls.

On some systems the set value and thus the array sizes must be
above a certain value on other systems below or FREELOADER fails
and boot fails on both the LIVE and INSTALL dvds.

If it fails when a new person tries to boot a LIVE dvd for the
first time they usually just go away. Myself and two others are
trying to figure it out.

It is difficult because FREELOADER appears to be a standalone
program with no underlying OS. Attempts to turn on debugging
or just put in some extra write statements have so far failed.

There are posts reporting this EXACT problem as far back as
2009 YES 2009.


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