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UMBs etc. (Announce)

posted by tom(R) Homepage, Germany, 27.08.2016, 14:38
(edited by Rugxulo on 27.08.2016, 21:41)

> Whether you say DOS or MSDOS it is just plain
> Microsoft DOS 98 and ME.

Tell "w3a537" on BTTR to try Windows 98/SE,
not 98/ME. "ME" (MS-DOS V8.0) uses its own built-in V3.99
HIMEM and likely expects its own EMM386 as well. The last
HIMEM offered for systems up to V7.1 MS-DOS was V3.95, thus
I am not surprised JEMM386/JEMMEX and the last V4.95 EMM386
offered thru V7.1 MS-DOS would all FAIL with "ME".

"SE" (MS-DOS V7.1) works fine with my XMGR and JEMM386. I
got both the "SE" and "ME" files at <>, and
I had no trouble with "SE". I can even substitute Lucho's
"LZ-DOS" kernel and COMMAND.COM (also V7.1) on the diskette
and everything still ran without errors.

Jack R. Ellis


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