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Panasonic CF-51, USB Devices in Real-Mode (Announce)

posted by Brian_extended(R), 30.08.2016, 01:09

Maybe old news for everyone, but new to me.

I just picked up Three Panasonic CF-51 Toughbooks, loaded "Dos 7.1" (Win98se realmode) and XP SP2. Booting into real-mode DOS supports USB memory sticks and devices, including CF cards and SD cards using a reader. Boot off the USB, floppy, or hard drive. I can read SD cards direct from the camera, and load programs directly to the cards for use on embedded systems. 2Ghz processor, 1GByte memory- runs all of my extended mode Microway compilers and Phar Lap DOS extenders. Makes it easier to write to a bootable SD or CF card for my embedded systems.

$150 for all three, seem to go for less than the CF-50. I bought 3.5" floppies for the MP bay, but USB floppy support also works under real-mode.The CF-50 does not have real-mode support for the USB, and the CF-52 went to SATA hard drives. I have those as well, the CF-52 was free. The latter boots and runs off a USB device in real mode, the SATA hard drive is more of an issue.


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