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Autotrack & KISSCAD (DOSX)

posted by iw2evk(R), Magenta (Italy), 24.09.2016, 15:59

> - brewed with FreeBASIC - shares the known problems with FreeBASIC GUI
> programs
> - no missing imports
> - "kisscadlib.kcl" name too long (whines in DOS)
> - garbage top-left in the BMP font files - feature or BUG ?
> - one (the author) could compile a DOS version

this is the reply from author :(


> con you compile kisscad for dos with freebasic dos compiler?

I don't know. FreeBasic can indeed compile for different platforms, but plain DOS doesn't have any graphics interface, so it would probably need some graphic package mounted on top of it.

Is anybody still using DOS??? I thought that I'm a dinosaur, because I used DOS for some purposes until around 2003!

> Or release the souce ?

No. I want to avoid a mess of many different versions showing up.

I made this program basically for my own use, and I'm happy to allow other people to use it too. But I don't intend to "serve customers" by preparing special versions, adding features I don't need, and so on.


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