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Minimal 3DFX program via Glide3x.DXE library (Developers)

posted by Laaca(R) Homepage, Czech republic, 08.10.2016, 14:50

Thanks to Sezero, Neozeed and Maraakate we have now the possibility to use the 3DFX acceleration in DJGPP environment. We only need some tutorials how to work with it.
The other thing I want to mention is the fact that .DXE files can be loaded not only in DJGPP but also in Freebasic (it is simplier because it uses C library) and in Freepascal (it is maybe more difficult as it does not use the C library).
If we would have a minimal example how to use th GLide3.DXE we could try to make a Freebasic or Freepascal wrapper.
(maybe Marcov could help?)



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