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Minimal 3DFX program via Glide3x.DXE library (Developers)

posted by marcov(R), 14.10.2016, 11:19

> All sources about DXE files in Freepascal I have suffer by problem that
> they can't use external units.
> I have never seen in DXE module something like "uses Dos" or "uses Graph".
> It seems that even functions from unit Systém don't work.

That is true. Stronger even, even for other OSes this is something that is currently still being worked on in trunk, called "packages", both when dynamically loaded, or dynamically linked (but need to be there on startup)

IOW making sure that there is only one instance of compiletime (VMTs) or runtime state (variables) in a EXE + dll/so/dxe system, and everything under control of the compiler, iow so that all versions match and are recompiled if necessary. (not just blindly linking some symbol without knowing what it is)

I don't know what (current) DXE's possibilities in that regard are, iow can the DXE reference symbols in the main EXE ?


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