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p7zip 16.02 (Announce)

posted by Zyzzle(R), 06.11.2016, 13:02

> > 7-Zip 16.02 2016-05-21
> Since July 14, there's now p7zip 16.02 sources available:

With the 16.02 and 15.09 DOS binaries, I've again stumbled into the UNIX-compile bug whereby all standard deflate .zip archives created will not extract with Pkware's own Pkunzip utilities. I get the message "You need Pkzip version 78.8 to extract." I posted about this years ago,

and found a solution by a quick-and-dirty patch to the 7ZA.EXE file so that 0x03 'UNIX' descriptor byte was set to the proper 0x00 'MS-DOS' Operating System.

I'm unable to accomplish this with the above 15.09 or 16.02 binaries. I'm wondering if a new compile will be nessary, as I can't locate the magic bytes 0x03 ---> 0x00 to modify.

We have a simple flag being set incorrectly, and this is indeed hard to troubleshoot. It's a UNIXism which is a carryover to these compiles. Certainly PKware's own PKZIP archiver SHOULD be able to decompress 7zip .zip files correctly! This is a stubborn bug.

Perhaps someone more adept than I can re-compile with the flag correctly set? I'm at my wit's end.


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