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mps-youtube : portable to DOS ? (Users)

posted by GNUser(R), 10.11.2016, 01:07

> I really like the concept of this software. I think it would be a good
> thing to have in DOS. Any of the wizards of DOS around here think it can be
> ported? I suspect it would be a welcome addition to many people's
> software.
> I don't know anything about compiling linux programs to DOS, but if it can
> be done, I might help with what I can :)
> Thanks.
> GNUser

Silly me, forgot to include a description of the program.
It allows you to browse, search, download and watch youtube videos from your terminal. It can be used with external players (like mplayer) or simply download the file from youtube. Good to search for a video without using a browser (no javascr***, no advertising, no flash).


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