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mps-youtube : portable to DOS ? (Users)

posted by bocke(R), 10.11.2016, 17:40
(edited by bocke on 10.11.2016, 18:34)

Who knows. I think the last Python port to DOS was 2.4. Not only is that old, but it's questionable how complete the port it is.

MPlayer and Python DOS ports are large resource intensive ports. They might not perform too well or acceptably and might require a computer where Windows ports might work more optimally. Windows port of Python is full featured.

Windows 9x DOS prompt can run win32 console programs so you don't need a DOS port (pure win32 console port would probably have better performance and more features anyway). If there is a recent Win9x Python port at all.

But, I would question the need to run it under DOS or Windows. It might preform the best on Linux. MPlayer (or mpv) work great under Linux framebuffer, not requiring X server at all. So this might work very well on PIV and newer which are probably needed anyway to decently play high resolution videos.

On those, more recent PCs, Linux binaries might be better optimized anyway, performing better (comparing with DJGPP, not Win32 binaries). They will probably also be smaller (DJGPP has a certain overhead).


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