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mps-youtube : portable to DOS ? (Users)

posted by glennmcc(R) Homepage E-mail, North Jackson, Ohio (USA), 11.11.2016, 17:16

> > But I don't have anything against those who prefer to use DOS for that.
> > Just... I doubt you will have any performance benefits on the somewhat
> > newer PCs, on the contrary.
> Thanks for the replies. Your previous reply was very informative.
> I was actually interested in using this in older machines, a simple text
> interface with Youtube that could be used to download videos (in a selected
> quality) so they could be played in the pc (using Mplayer or Quickview),
> would certainly alleviate the issue with ads and such. I don't know if Lynx
> already gives us that, but I am assuming Javascript could be an issue.


DosLynx & YTCrack

Arachne & the YTCrack APM plugin

All for 100% pure DOS... no WinCrap needed.



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