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Pre-built Allegro libraries for DJGPP GCC 4.9, 5.x (Developers)

posted by eliasYFGM(R), 20.11.2016, 04:34

I managed to compile the Allegro Game Library (and its official addons) with a DJGPP cross-compiler, available from here.

For DJGPP GCC 4.9:


These packages include:

-Allegro (latest with DOS support)
-logg 2.9 (OGG Vorbis loading addon)
-loadpng 1.5 (PNG image support)
-jpgalleg 2.6 (JPG/JPEG image support)
-libogg 1.3.2
-libvorbis 1.3.5 (vorbis, vorbisfile and vorbisenc)
-libpng 1.2.56
-zlib 1.2.8

Plus the 4.9 file has some extras:

-AllegroPNG 1.3 (similar to loadpng, but stand-alone, independent from libpng and zlib)
-AllegroMP3 2.0.4 (untested, but compilation was easy)

I don't know if the 4.9 libraries also work on 5, or vice-versa, but I compiled one for each version anyway.

Programs using these libs seem to work fine on DOSBox and other low-level emus.
Tested in C mode with gcc. g++ in 5.4 gave me "redefinition" errors about a "fix" class, which I don't know how to solve yet.


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