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Links 2.14 for dos it's out (Users)

posted by iw2evk(R), Magenta (Italy), 13.12.2016, 20:44

> > I think that is a little bit faster with opening www than older version,
> > but NO JavaScript !!
> The absence of javascr*** is one of the main reasons I use it so much.
> I hope it is NEVER included in Links, not in the DOS version nor the Linux
> version.
> With NO javascr*** Links will do what I want it to do, not what snooping
> websites want it to do !

Unfortunly this limited much the use of links in the most parts of standard websites.
Actually most pages DON'T WORKING if js it's disabled or not present..
So a browser without s capabilty it's not full usable and remain a " gadget" :(
And if you have tears regarding privacy i suggest not to eliminate JS , but use special browser like TOR..

Roberto iw2evk


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