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freedos 1,2 it' out (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 03.01.2017, 23:52

> > And if you want LFN support in basic tools, use DJGPP 2.05's CoreUtils
> > (aka, File- Text- Shell-).
> AFAIK DJGPP only utilize OS LFN services but doesn't work in plain DOS. You
> need load DOSLFN first... BTW performance of filesystem with DOSLFN loaded
> is some magnitude slower than WinXP DOS box on the same machine so I do all
> compilation works that needs LFN there...

Yes, but my point was that FreeDOS proper doesn't have to be 100% LFN aware in the basic tools, just use (third-party) DJGPP tools. Of course, also as mentioned, if you direly need LFNs (and DOSLFN is too buggy or slow), use DOSEMU2 instead (which is probably a better target going forward than Win32). There are also some DJGPP cross-compilers (thanks to andrewwutw), so if compiling atop Windows or Linux is easier, there you go.


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