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EDR-DOS "patch" tool (Developers)

posted by danielnice(R), 24.01.2017, 16:51

I have downloaded all of the sources and patches from EDR-DOS and successfully built it to match the existing binaries:

I am trying to fix a problem with EDR-DOS and SHARE which may be related to "FAT+" where a file can exceed 2gb.

Since none of my applications need "record locking", I am ok with using SHARE only to enforce whether or not a file can be opened. Therefore, for testing, I just commented out the call to SHARE during file read/write.

I would like to make this into a "patch" file same as Udo did, but I do not fully understand the format of these patch files. There is no documentation for that PATCH program, nor is there any command-line help.

Two questions:
(1) Does anyone know more about the PATCH program or have documentation?
(2) Does anyone have source code for DR-DOS SHARE?


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