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Free Pascal 3.0.2 (Announce)

posted by marcov(R), 01.03.2017, 11:34

> > Should be fixed. If more files are missing please report.
> Yes, it's there now and seems to install and work fine (although it still
> has the readme-jvm.txt installation quirk).

Somehow my reply got lost (auto logout end of the month or so?)

Anyway, I fixed the typos, removed readme-jvm from separate manually (and will ask how to rebuild the zips later, I want to be able to do that myself)

I also started with a fix for the readme-jvm.txt by adding the following to fpcbuild/Makefile.fpc

-$(COPY) $(addprefix $(CVSINSTALL)/doc/,*.txt copying* license* faq.*) $(INSTALL_DOCDIR)
# but don't include readme-jvm.txt for lfn challenged targets (gives problems unzipping)
ifneq ($(findstring $(OS_TARGET),$(LIMIT83fs)),)
$(DEL) $(INSTALL_DOCDIR)/readme-jvm.txt

(The bit after the # comment). Maybe additional paths are needed (fpc/ ?) there, but I can't test atm (64bit windows))

Anyway, that is something to streamline the issue for future releases.


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