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DOS PXE server (Users)

posted by dggionco(R), Buenos Aires - Argentina, 11.03.2017, 20:02

> From reading up on PXE, a PXE server is two things on the same network:
> 1) A DHCP server that can respond to DHCPDISCOVER+PXE requests with a new
> IP, an IP for a TFTP server, and a filepath for the for the PXE image.
> 2) TFTP server serving up a few files that include a PXE boot image like
> the FreeDOS floppy boot image.
> You've already found a DOS TFTP server from Dunfield. I'd say that's good
> enough. Now just configure your router with DHCP server to point to it. If
> you need an all in one solution, maybe your router can do it. DOS wouldn't
> make for a good kickstart/cobbler replacement like you have in Linux. If
> you don't have a router that can do it this, then maybe find another spare
> machine and put SmallWall, or pfSense, or SmoothWall.
> Why do you need DOS to be your PXE server?

Thank you very much. You gave me a beginning to start developing this idea.

I was thinking of an "all in one" software, as they exist in Windows.

On the other hand, I do not NEED a server ... I just want to experiment a little...:-)


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