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Free Pascal 3.0.2 - external linker? (Announce)

posted by marcov(R), 28.03.2017, 10:21

> And even if I use the external linking switch (FPC.EXE -Xe test.pas) the
> generated .EXE is compatible with UPX.

Is this a typo, or do you mean INcompatible here?

> So it is a bit unexpected for me. FPC now uses some incompatible DJGPP code
> inside itself (inside FP.EXE and FPC.EXE) and no external utilities has
> nothing to do with it?

I've no idea. There are always things changing, and it might be an rearrangement of tables lead to this. The programs work, so it will pass any testsuite.

That a 3rd party utility regressed in recent versions should be laid primarily at UPX's door, that has nothing to do with FPC's DJGPP compatibility or not.

But there is a bugreport, so if sb wants to look in to it.... It might be something simple like the order of various sections written out to the link.res or so.


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