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Free Pascal 3.0.2 - external linker? (Announce)

posted by Laaca(R) Homepage, Czech republic, 28.03.2017, 22:59

> > And even if I use the external linking switch (FPC.EXE -Xe test.pas) the
> > generated .EXE is compatible with UPX.
> Is this a typo, or do you mean INcompatible here?

It is no typo at all.
"FPC -Xi test.pas" makes binary which is not compatible with UPX.
"FPC -Xe test.pas" produces binary which has no problem with UPX.

-Xe parameter calls utility LD.EXE (older version 2.17) which is the same version like in f.e. FPC 2.4.2

No parameter or -Xi parameter calls own FPC linking code. So it shows that this incompatibility has nothing to do with DJGPP 2.05 incompatibility, resp. Binutils 2.23.2 incompatibility (which can be observed f.e. here)

I suspect some change in the OGCOFF.PAS file in \COMPILER subdirectory
The change was done after FPC 2.6.4 which is after March 2014

It seems that UPX checks the COFF header very strictly and rejects all deviations.

However the modification in DJGPP/BinUtils is planned and documented but the FPC incompatibility seems to be some unplanned sideffect.



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