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Recommendations for Porting a 16 bit DOS Application (DOSX)

posted by llm(R), 17.04.2017, 07:06

> I?ve been reviewing the HX Dos extender information over the last week or
> so and I haven?t quite figured out whether this will work for me. My
> primary objective is take an existing DOS application, developed with MS
> Visual C 1.52, to make a 32 bit application. As is, it is a generic 16 bit
> DOS application that currently runs on DOS as well as in a DOS Box on
> Windows (full screen mode only). The application has a GUI running in VGA
> mode, a relational database engine and memory management developed using 16
> bit based pointers with paging abilities. I would like to port as much of
> it as possible with minimum modifications. I?m thinking that I should be
> able to convert the memory management over to 32 bit based pointers but
> leave the general concepts in tack. The other thing of interest but which
> is secondary would be to be able to run at higher resolutions then the
> current VGA 16 color mode. I need to be able to run in a WinXP Dos Box or
> maybe as a Windows Console application provided I can create a single
> window that I would draw my GUI onto and intercept the keyboard and mouse
> messages.
> I'm not clear as to which approach to take with the DOS extenders. My
> impression is that I should be able to run it in a DOS Box with the
> extender but I'm not sure whether the graphic extensions offered with VESA
> would be available.
> What approach would you recommend? Your insights on this matter is greatly
> appreciated.

nearly 10 years later - did you get it ported or what was your solution then?


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